9 de noviembre de 2004

Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings

En el ya recomendado weblog jazzístico de Eduardo Chagas, encuentro una noticia interesante: la edición por parte de Tzadik de todos los discos en estudio del grupo Naked City:
"Probably Zorn’s most popular and most controversial musical project, the music of Naked City has been debated, analyzed, adored and reviled by fans, critics and academics alike, but nothing can replace the experience of hearing it in all its frightening glory. Most people know this music from the single domestic release on Nonesuch, but the major portion of their studio recordings were issued from 1989–1993 on the hard to find Japanese labels Avant and Toy’s Factory. This long awaited set pulls together all of their recorded output, all seven CDs in beautiful new packaging, with a special 100 page scrapbook of Naked City ephemera, including photos, posters, designs, scores, musical sketches, written tributes by members of the Naked City family and pages from Zorn’s original notebooks showing the development of the music that drove so many people out of their minds. Zorn’s music at its most brutal and uncompromising best."
Imagino que su precio será prohibitivo para mi economía...

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